ABOUT US History

"IMY International Patent Office, p.c." was originally founded on July 15, 2002 as "IMY International Patent Office" by Hidehiko Itoh, Hachiro Morishita and Hiroyoshi Yoshida and then organized as a corporation on October 1, 2012.
The "IMY" represents the initials of the three founders of our office, "I" from "Itoh", "M" from "Morishita" and "Y" from "Yoshida". We named the office "IMY", because it is easily pronounced as "aimi:" and easy to remember.

Our Policy

Patent Attorneys of IMY International Patent Office, p.c. have enough experience in the field of Intellectual Property. Our office provides clients with high quality professional services by the office’s full knowledge and experience.
We have the following goals to develop our office with a level of talent and experience rarely seen in an office of our size.

To have close relationship with our client

We provide a close relationship with our clients at each stage of the process for securing intellectual property rights.

To obtain effective IP rights efficiently

We obtain strong and cost-effective foreign rights based on vast experience in dealing with various foreign countries.
We work closely with our foreign associates with respect to content and cost of the application.

To provide high quality legal services

We offer high quality services. We prepare application documents with great care to technical and legal content to obtain broad and strong rights.

To educate talented personnel

We provide educated staffs that are active to their duties to support the above goals.


Prosecution for domestic and foreign Patent, Utility Model, Design and Trademark registrations.
Search, Consultant, Expert Opinion, Negotiation and preparation of Agreement on Intellectual Property Rights.
Action against trial decision.

Technical Fields

Mechanics, Metallurgy, Material Engineering, Electricity, Electronics, Communication, Software, Chemistry and so on.

Ration of Domestic to Foreign cases(2012)

Domestic cases 55%, Foreign cases 45% (2021)

Member of the Office

Patent Attorney: 4
Patent Engineer: 1
Secretary: 4